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  • About the Company
    Steve Speak Coaching and Consulting was founded to serve high-potential individuals and businesses in their efforts to create extraordinary results. As a former company president and corporate executive officer with over 30 years in the aerospace and advanced materials industry, Steve brings his experience and track record of success to entrepreneurs, executives and emerging leaders in growing technology-oriented companies, private equity firms, and small businesses. Such clients benefit from Steve’s expertise in strategy formulation and execution, proven coaching and consulting processes and passion for company and leadership growth. For a personal message from Steve, read on.


    Bring order and laser-focus to your business ideas

    Develop a strategic plan that allows you to focus on what matters most

    Simplify and prioritize the critical elements of your execution plan

    Access the answers you need to run a successful business and compete effectively

    Improve your personal productivity

    Move beyond “owner” by enhancing your capability as a business leader and executive

    Executives and
    Their Businesses

    Develop creative strategies that capitalize
    on the unique strengths of your growing business

    Tap into an objective, confidential resource for exploring new ideas

    Quickly gain visibility of the “critical few”
    success factors and expedite execution

    Validate business decisions for the organization

    Acquire and incorporate new insights, skills, and capabilities to actualize your full leadership potential

    Meet your own expectations for quality of life

    Emerging Leaders

    Accelerate your leadership development

    Manage complex projects with insight from a C-suite perspective

    Uncover and execute high-priority business strategies

    Improve performance within your area of responsibility and of your team by tapping into and unleashing your personal leadership potential

    Motivate and inspire your team as a role model

    Establish a clear vision for your professional life and move your career forward